Avoiding Heresies

I really enjoyed all of the readings and videos from this week. I especially enjoyed class with Brother Nygren. I’ve been able to take his class before when I took business 101. I’m excited to be able to learn from his entrepreneurial journey and to pick apart his experiences and wisdom. The reading that I enjoyed the most was the What is Your Calling BYU speech by Jeffrey A. Thompson. I felt that this reading was just for me, because in my last post I talked specifically about my dream career for working in sports, specifically at Boise State University. The talk had me question my own motives about why I wanted this profession to be my calling. I loved the part about the heresies in finding your calling in life. It definitely made me question my motives for what my calling is. I feel sometimes  I commit the heresy that by having a career in sports as my calling the world will take notice. He says that, “if you expect the world to loudly applaud your calling in life, you may be disappointed.” That really struck me, because I’ve at times thought about how cool it will be to tell people that I work for a college program and them being awestruck that I am able to do that for my career. This is false thinking and I need to really remember the reasons why it will be my calling for me and look for the nobility not just in the menial tasks I do, but also in other people’s careers. The part about how work is not always fun rang true to me as well. I feel I have grown up with a “blue collar” mentality, meaning I have learned how to work. Work is not always fun and I understand this, but I feel I’m more than willing to accept this and not get discouraged or work less just because something is boring or not enjoyable. Even though I questioned my motives for my career choice and calling, I felt that at the end I am on the right track with my plans for a career. I thought about my talents and how they’ll translate into my dream career, and I was also comforted to know that I have other talents that will help me find more than just one calling in life.


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