My First Blog Post

Well here is my first blog post for my heroic, entrepreneurship journey. In fact this is my first blog post ever. One thing that has hit me this week like a sack ton of bricks is that we are all entrepreneurs whether we are going into business or not. I myself am an exercise physiology major. My main goal for my career is to not start my own business. I have a dream, which will become reality, of working in the athletic department at Boise State University. I love sports, especially Bronco sports. I have been going to games since I was little and grew up in the Boise area. To be able to work for the university that has provided so many wonderful memories for me would be a dream come true.I didn’t think I fit the definition of an entrepreneur, but in reality I do. I have a drive to achieve something. I have a drive, just like the introduction of the book says, to live a life that is remarkable, purposeful, excellent, and heroic. Working for Boise State athletics feels very heroic to me personally. However, I have not yet achieved this dream and it is also very hard to work for this athletic department and in this field. Working in college athletics is a very exclusive club. There are naysayers and doubters, even within myself at times. However, I feel that being an entrepreneur is all about overcoming the odds, the doubts and achieving something truly remarkable. I feel that this is the class to help me do just that and make my dreams a reality.


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