“Integrity is the cornerstone of character.” – Joseph F. Smith

This week we really focused on having and keeping good ethics in not only the workplace, but in life. We discussed about when it comes to honesty making certain decisions, or acting when no one is looking, the truth is good enough. I have always been taught about integrity and doing the right thing no matter what. It can be hard at times to have integrity especially when you may be the only person who will ever know. In a lot of the videos we watched, the speakers talked about that even though dishonesty or bad ethics may not affect you in the moment, they will always eventually come to life. I believe this is very true, because I have seen it first hand. I worked at a tire store to help me pay for college. It was a very hard job, but taught me the value of hard work. Our manager was a very fun, likable, energetic guy. He was also very dishonest, manipulative, and didn’t treat employees fairly. Many people looked past his flaws because he was so likable and was a very good salesman. Over time several employees suspected him of being dishonest with customers and also making inappropriate comments about female workers and customers even though he was married. He always denied these accusations and was so good at covering his tracks that it was near impossible to prove these suspicions as true. He was also able to talk his way out of anything it appeared to when these suspicions were brought up by his boss and fellow coworkers. There would be times he would show that he had changed, but it seemed he always ended up going back to his dishonest and inappropriate behavior. His ability to talk his way out of things and his tremendous charisma made him appear to be a successful manager of the store for over five years gaining additional benefits, praise, and a raise that had him making a six figure salary. He bought a brand new truck every year with other nice toys such as four wheelers and guns. He was also building a very nice home for his wife and two young boys. However, one day all of his dishonesty had finally caught up to him. There had just been too many times of this behavior happening and he was fired from the company. He lost his six figure salaries and eventually his wife and kids due to divorce over his inappropriate relationships with other co workers. He lost the respect and trust of his coworkers and family all because he didn’t have integrity and didn’t allow the truth to be enough. I’m glad I have real life lessons to learn from, so that I can always remember this and put it into practice in my career and family life.


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