Typography Kickoff

The above image was a Sport’s Illustrated magazine cover on September 17th, 2012. The image was distributed physically and on SI.com. The purpose of this post is to illustrate how typography is used and how important it’s use is for the viewer or reader.

Typeface #1- Modern

The top face at the top of the magazine is an excellent example of modern. There is a vertical stress in each of the letters as you can see in the lower case “o” and “e”. There is not a diagonal stress. There are serifs on the letters and you can see that the ones on the lowercase letters are thin and horizontal. It might be easy to confuse this typeface with slab serif or Clarendon, but there is a major difference between the transition of the strokes. They go from a thick to a thin stroke, as evident in the capital “B” in the word boy. A slab serif would have very little or no thick/thin transition and stays pretty consistent.

Typeface #2- Sans Serif

This second typeface at the bottom of the magazine is an example of a sans serif typface. There are no serifs anywhere, unlike the first typeface were there are serifs on most of the letters. The strokes in this typeface are very consition and have no thick to thin transition. They are the same thickness all the way around.


The two typefaces that have been spoken are contrasting of each other. They are meant to describe different things and also attract our eyes and make it more pleasing to look at. The modern typeface at the top contrasts the one at the bottom because it has a thick to thin stroke transition unlike the sans seriff which is the same thickness all around. This is evident if you compare the “n” to the “y” above. There are also serifs on most of the letters on the modern typeface, while the sans serif typeface have no serifs to be found.


Overall the typefaces of the cover do a great job of telling what the current issue of this magazine is about. The modern typeface at the top of the magazine has a typeface that you would typically see for the heading of an article and that is exactly what that is. It is the title of the article about Peyton Manning. The sans seriff typeface is purposely meant to contrast the other title because it is meant to describe the picture more than the article found inside. The typefaces help the viewer gain a sense of what this current article of Sport’s Illustrated is about and what you can find inside.



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