You’ll Be Better At What You Love

“Do what you love, you’ll be better at it.”- Francis Ford Copolla

My dad has been very influential in helping me determine what I should do for a career. He has always told me to do something I love. He has led by example, but not in the way you would think. When he got home from his mission when he was twenty three he got married within six months. He had no idea what he wanted to do. He decided to major in history and minor in political science, but didn’t have a specific goal of what he really wanted to do with his major. He thought of possibly being a lawyer, but him and my mom had me pretty quick and my little brother a year and a half later. To be able to provide for his family, he worked in pharmaceutical sales to provide for his growing family. It took him eight years to graduate with his bachelors degree. I even remember his graduation day when I was six years old. Even though he graduated, he stuck with sales, and though he was good at it, he doesn’t enjoy it and it has caused him a lot of stress and job dissatisfaction. He works hard and provided for his family, but taught me a valuable lesson that you should have specific goals to achieving a career in what you love to do. That is why I am going to work in sports and specifically the Boise State Athletic Department. The readings this week have really helped me evaluate my fears and plan on how I will overcome them. I fear that I won’t be able to reach my goals and, like my dad, get stuck having a career I don’t enjoy. I learned to deconstruct this fear by having a backup plan. There are many things I do enjoy and if somehow I don’t achieve my specific dream, it will all work out the way it should. I can still work in sports, but maybe its for a company or department I wouldn’t normally expect. It could possibly be for the better anyway and I believe that as long as I’m working as hard as I can to achieve my specific goal things will work out the way they should. Another thing that I have learned this week is the power of “I am” and “I will” statements. I’m starting to change my vocabulary from “I want” or “I hope to” statement to “I am” or “I will”. In my advanced sports psychology class, we learned the value of self talk and its impact on achieving success. With what I have learned I am going to work in college athletics and I will achieve the necessary steps to reach my goals and doing what I love. I will be better at it anyway.


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