A Legendary Message

“You are asked by your employer ( LDS.org or BYUIScroll.org ) to take an article and create a three-page original layout. You have been asked to design three pages, one of which is a spread. You will be determining the headings, taking the photos, and designing the layout.

This was the objective given to me with this project.  This project required me to demonstrate some of my new knowledge about using the Adobe program Indesign. The spread had to be created in InDesign and consist of 3 pages, 2 of them in a spread. The article I used had to be fromthe school online paper “The Scroll” at least 600 words. It had to include2 columns or more per page. The project required demonstrating a knowledge of InDesign by including 2 photographs which I took myself,  a pull quote, and one text wrap. The magazine also had to be targeted to a specific audience.


I chose to use a color scheme that represents the Rick’s sports legacy. The way I did that was I used the exact same colors as the number 23 jersey in the picture. In the program Indesign I matched the the exact same color for the heading text color and quote box background by using the color theme tool. I wanted to use the exact same color of the Ricks basketball team and use the same contrasting royal blue with the white. I was able to do that by contrasting the white text with the blue quote box and used the same blue color to begin each new heading within the magazine. I decided to leave the background white since it contrasted well with the royal blue.


The font I chose for the title, author name, and letter to begin each paragraph is the Impact font style. It is a san serif font that has a tall, thin, and modern looking. It is a similar font used in Sports Illustrated magazine titles. I wanted my target audience to quickly associate this articles title with sports which I feel this font does. The font used in the text body is Mongolian Baiti which falls under the Oldstyle category of fonts. The text is easily read against the white background and provides a sophisticated look. I purposely used different typography categories between the title and the text body to provide contrast between fonts in the article.


There are many examples of alignment within this article. I did this on purpose to make the article easier on the eyes. I thought about making my tile on the cover page left aligned, but because of the picture I decided to make it right aligned so that the words went right up against the basketball hoop pole. I positioned the text box right along the black roof panels and just above the top of the backboard of the hoop. This title aligns well with the background image. I also made sure that the text body on the next two pages were aligned well with the pictures and pull quote. I even made sure that the text boxes and image box were the exact same width, so there was no overlap between the text body, pull quote, and image..


My audience for this project are BYU Idaho students ages 18-30 who love sports and play them on campus. It is focused on those who may not know about our school’s rich history with competitive sports since we no longer have a collegiate sports program here. This could also apply to those within the community who remember the collegiate sports program history, however the main focus is on these students.


Two of the three photos in the spread were taken by me, Jacob Howell with my Iphone 5. I edited the basketball court photo on photoshop. I really wanted to have the focus be on the basketball hoop, so I darkened the edges a little bit and blurred the court and bleachers behind. I followed the depth of field principle to bring the hoop to the front of the viewer. I feel by the way I edited it, it also gave it an older look, historic look The jersey is a BYU Idaho practice jersey and as stated above, is the exact same colors as the Rick’s basketball team mentioned in the article. The basketball image is one I found on google images and is found on amazon.com.

Image result for evolution basketball

Basketball court and jersey photos taken by Jacob Howell. Basketball image found at https://www.amazon.com/Wilson-Evolution-Indoor-Game-Basketball/dp/B00RYOEDFS


This project was challenging because I can be a perfectionist at time, but I did enjoy it. I tried to make the design of the magazine correlate with what the text was trying to say. I felt like the design came naturally when you try to tailor it to an audience and try to make it relate to what the writer is talking about.


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