Just Roll With Photoshop

The Challenge

“You are asked by your employer to create a creative advertisement for a boring household or office product. You are asked to use symbolic or non-literal ideas and concepts.” Using a “Random Product Generator,” This is what I came up with:

The Advertisement

This is my magazine ad

This is my TV static ad


For all my photos I used a variety of free, public domain photos. I used pixabay.com for all of my images  used in the ad. Here they are in their original form:




My audience were Males, age 18-24. These males are single, have an associates degree. They are most likely in college. I wanted to go with a design that would appeal to this demographic so I chose skateboarding because you see skateboarders at every college campus you go to. Skateboarding is generally associated with college students or the younger crowd and is also very popular. It is a fun ad that quickly associates the brand with their age group and demographic.


I want the Charmin brand to be the toilet paper of choice that college males “just roll with.” Every college student needs toilet paper and I wanted them to associate the Charmin brand with them by making a fun ad showing males their age. You see college males skateboarding at every college and even if some of the demographic doesn’t skateboard, they will quickly associate this ad with college males their age which was what I wanted to happen.


I really just wanted to showcase the brand on this advertisement while appealing to the college age demographic. I used the blue Charmin logo colors, while also changing the background to a blue hue and change the saturation to get a blue look. The graffiti background, as you can see above in the photography section, was very colorful, but I felt it made my ad look too busy, so that is why I change the hue and saturation to be able to focus on the product and text more than the background.


The font I used for my tagline “Just Roll With It” is called “Berlin Sans FB” which is a sans serif category. It looks like a modern font and has a fun feel to it to appeal to the younger crowd. The font I used for the body of text was Times New Roman  which is a serif font style. The main body of text is also italicized. There is contrast between the logo font, tagline, and the body of text.


This ad was very challenging. I used a variety of images and had to edit all of them and make the dimensions of the skateboarders look realistic and proportional to the background and each other. It was challenging, but very worth it. I feel it can quickly be associated with the demographic given.


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