Last Lecture

For your last journal entry, take the time to write your own “Last Lecture.” What would be your last lecture to someone beginning the entrepreneur journey? What words of advice, direction, or caution would you give him or her? Write about your experiences and things you learned in this class.

I can’t believe that this is the end of the course already. I learned many valuable things that I feel I will take with me in not only the workforce, but also in life. I learned a lot about different business and entrepreneurship opportunities such as social, acquisition, and franchising entrepreneurship. However, for my last lecture for someone starting their entrepreneurial journey, I would focus on a different subject. What I have learned most from this class is that what life and business are all about is relationships. The two most fundamental questions we should ask ourselves at the end of our lives according to Jim Ritchie is who did I love and who loved me? All of the wealth, fame, and status cannot compensate for the failure to answer these two questions. Relationships are vital to your entrepreneurial journey. They are also vital to someone else’s. You also need to develop relationships with your customers, clients, employees, and coworkers. You can be a great asset and influence to them and them to you. If your entrepreneurial journey is solely focused on money, you will be greatly disappointed in the end. Even if you obtain the wealth you seek, you will not be wealthy in the things that matter most and those are relationships and your integrity. Even though I haven’t begun my own journey into my career, I know this to be true because of this class and other entrepreneurs experiences. We must remember that money is not evil, but the love of money is. If our all our desire is to acquire as much money to buy material things to make us happy, we have failed to understand what happiness is. Another thing I would include in my last lecture is work is not always fun even if you are in your dream career. I feel I have grown up with a “blue collar” mentality, meaning I have learned how to work. Work is not always fun and I understand this, but I feel I’m more than willing to accept this and not get discouraged or work less just because something is boring or not enjoyable. We must not be afraid of boring or mundane tasks, but understand they are part of every career.  We must learn to work and if there is a job worth doing it is worth doing well.


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