Adobe CC Greatness

“You are asked by your employer to analyze one of their existing ads, use these findings to create an additional ad that would fit the same campaign, and make a slide presentation that would assist you in explaining your findings.”

Here are my design slides for this project.


My audience for this slide design are males ages 12-18, who have an interest and passion for sports. My new ad is targeted toward middle and high school football players and is meant to appeal to the football market. It could also appeal to high school coaches and athletic directors who want to buy gear for their high school teams.

Design Analysis


I feel that I have matched the design elements of the original Nike ad campaign. I picked a photo that showed didn’t show a professional athlete, but an everyday athlete just like the original. In photoshop I matched the elements in the original by blurring and darkening the background, while making the athlete brighter and more in focus. I used the white lettering contrasted against a darkened background and same decorative/sans serif font as the Nike ad.


For my slides, I used Nike’s main colors which are black and white. I did a gray box around my letters to provide more contrast against the background. I used a sans serif font to contrast the decorative title text. The text boxes are aligned perfectly with the photos and Nike swoosh symbol and are evenly spaced. Proximity is demonstrated by the text boxes and arrows pointing to the ad campaign.


Here are the original photos used to create the slide design

Ad created and owned by Nike
photo provided by
photo by (used for education purposes)


This project was fun to do because I consider myself a Nike athlete. I feel it helped me be able to create a professional looking sports presentation using Indesign and I was able to learn more about photoshop to create my ad. It was a great learning opportunity and I feel confident with Adobe CC heading into the future.


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